July 06, 2003

X awards, DVD poll and files back
The X Awards 2003
The winners have been announced for The X Awards 2003. So if you don't know already, have a look at the proud winners!

Do you need DVD captures on all thingx?
I opened a poll to answer that question. I ask you kindly to vote. Please vote with your true opinion. If you don't have an opinion about it at all, do not vote!

It's just that I thought about uploading XF captures to all thingx, but this does not make any sense if no one is interested in them anyway. So if no additional DVD capture resources are needed, I won't put all the effort into building one. DVD caps are a lotta work, don't want to do it for nothing. However it would encourage me of course, if another source for images is needed! So please go ahead with your true opionion. Thanks!

Images and downloads available again
The download and image areas are back again. If you experience any errors, please let me know, because it's not meant to be! I am behind with fanfiction because it is painstaking work!!! It it so time intensive to get back all fanfics and rebuild everything. Bare with me. Posted by shiricki at July 6, 2003 01:31 AM

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