January 27, 2003

This site is still alive!

This site's NOT DEAD! It is just that I am a little too busy right now. I still love this site and wish I could care as much as it deserves it! I am currently working on a new concept, a new layout, just new things. Because of a constant lack of time, work goes forward very slowly.

Thank you for your nice emails and messages, I appreciate all of your concern and encouraging words. As I said this site won't fall apart. I just need my time to go through things. You can be sure that this site is not abandoned.

About the Desktop Calendar 2003
I intented to do another one for this year. I am sorry that I cannot feature one for January so far. I will try to start as soon as possible.

About broken links
I am aware that some links are not working - such as some of the fanfiction area e.g. That's because some sites are on another server that is down. I am working to take it over to my own server.

Since I am in a status of renewing things over here, email me your suggestions to improve the site. Anything you wish for, any ideas what I could add? That's your chance to get what you were looking for, for so long ^_~

Thanks for reading.
Take care and watch The X-Files.

Posted by shiricki at January 27, 2003 10:47 AM


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