June 20, 2002

All thingx artwork archive finally

Here is finally the all thingx artwork archive, as I promised you for weeks. There are 751 images of 13 artists available at the moment. A very big thank you to:

Tere, Ririn, Linzee, Rushme, Valerie, Kim, Decemberlady, Kessia, Eve, Q.J., Ilka, Kate and Terry, who gave me permission to archive their wonderful artwork. I just can only express my deepest thanks. - I know how much work it is to create only one piece of artwork and how time intensive it often is. I owe so much - you are the top of X-Files artists for me, that's why I asked you for permission to archive your artwork at all thingx. Just thank you all!

Additionally I just want to mention my update for houseofmirth.de that I did yesterday. I archived 60 new german articles about the House of Mirth and 114 images of the HOM trailer plus the transcript of this trailer. =) Posted by shiricki at June 20, 2002 09:26 AM


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