April 22, 2002

Copy is closed. RTS updated.

Happily the copied site was closed. A burden less on my heart.
I updated Reaching The Stars and sadly no time for something else. I am afraid I will not be able to update all thingx for a couple of weeks. My A-level terms will start in exactly one week. All four terms will take about three till four weeks. I really have to study for that. But hey, I won't have to go to school again, if I make it!

However I am working hard on the artwork archive. I got a lot of submissions and permissions to uplaod artwork. I am sorry that I did not reply to all. All I can say: There's really a lot to do. I'll surf all the sites and pick up the great work. It's one of the big things that will be updated after my terms. Thx for your patience!

Posted by shiricki at April 22, 2002 02:48 AM


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