April 16, 2002

Someone stole my whole site!!!

I am posting because I am totally down. Someone copied a WHOLE SITE of mine. Not a piece not a section. NO, A WHOLE SITE!!! If you want to compare, please do:

Her COPY of my site.

I am just angry. First I saw it I could not believe it. I thought this cannot be true. This is my site just TRANSFORMED. I am talking about my << ? gillian # >> webring. Which is my original idea!!! It ought to be fun but now ... I am so down. Such an uninspired girl just took my idea an transformed it into an alanis webring. She did not ask, did not even give credit!!! NOTHING!!! She even stole my words, my rules, the way the site is built up and the worst this is (that drives me crazy) she stole my label!!! The site is called << ? gillian # >> the signs << ? # >> are a PART of the name!!! Guess what she did??? She just stole it. Some may say, welcome to the club ... but which club? Of the betrayed ones?

I am feeling so bad, cause it's so obvious she stole it!!! 1. My site is the first site that is built up like this. 2. Her site just equals mine in detail! 3. The label was stolen, as well as whole sentences 4. She is one of my members (HOW PARADOX) and 5. Her site came up less than a month after mine came up.

OMG how is it possible to STOP these kind of people??? *shakinghead*
Thx for interest ... talking about it helps a little.

Posted by shiricki at April 16, 2002 12:18 AM

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craptastic. i know what that's like: while i've never had anyone steal my *entire* site, parts have been copied left right and center. while it sucks, maybe you could consider it flattering? once you confront the person they are overwhelmed with this "I am the worst person in the world feeling" or they deny it because of some petty differences. angering yes, but at the same time - your original ideas are worthy of copying... perhaps that could be a good thing(?) :) - and kudos to the alanis webring for shutting down. a yay! out of a nay.

Posted by: katie at April 16, 2002 08:46 PM

Damn this girl who copied your site. You are the best shiricki. everyone believes in you!!!

Posted by: Hope at April 16, 2002 09:50 PM

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