October 01, 2003

All thingx revised
That was a piece of work! ^^ I overworked the whole site, actually EVERYthing is fixed and should be working properly. I very much hope so. Additionally I added new stuff. Here's what I did:

Episode Information: Added the last remaining episode reviews of season 9. There's none missing! Congratulations. And since TheX-Files.com has closed sadly, that may be very helpful for you in the future.

FanFiction: I redid the whole fanfiction part, which was fucking painstaking work. I'll never ever do that again! The best thing is that every story should be working again. The part was a mess and is fully functinable again! Happy reading! =)

Downloads / German Books: 11 german books here for you be downloaded! 11 deutsche Akte X Bücher zum Downloaden!

And I did not even have any time to celebrate Gillian's & all thingx's brithday. Hurray!!! On August 9th, 2003 this site became 3 years young. Wow, time passes in moments, but so fast. And I can promise that this site will exist for a very very long time still. The X-Files are over but will continue living in all the numerous great fansites out there. And this is one among them. ^^

That's it, enjoy the site!

Posted by shiricki at October 1, 2003 02:10 AM


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