February 20, 2005

Site of the Months

My gawd! I had to delete more than 7.000 spam comments from my updates. The comment function is not available anymore, due to this reason. Really ridiculous. I hate spam! If you would like to comment on anything, I'd appreciate it, if you could sign my guestbook. Thank you.

New Site of the Months have been added and the whole section is finished and completed with 12 sites in the spotlight. I already added all sites, because due to my university stuff and other sites, I don't know if I could add them each month. So I just did that already.

Additionally the image pages are fixed. All images work again. ^^ And the episode captures have been removed, because there are quite better capture archives online than my small one. So It's not really necessary to have a capture archive that small, so it saved a little webspace to remove it.

Nothing more to say. Let's see when the second X-Files movie will appear! If you miss The X-Files, browse this site and afterwards watch a DVD and think back to good old times. Spooky fun to everyone.

Posted by shiricki at February 20, 2005 4:25 PM


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