March 25, 2005

Closed Sites

Mhhh, closing sites makes me very melancholy indeed, but I had to do it. I closed all webrings, because they were kind of useless.

Reaching the Stars (featuring X-Files fanlistings) really did not keep my interest since a long while. Because I lost interest in fanlistings in general. I recently reduced the number of my listings again and I don't regret it. Keeping the webring for any fanlistings feels not right for me anymore. It steals my time and many members forgot to upload/keep their code, so what's the point in running behind those people?

Almost the same with Follow the Signs (featuring the best X-Files websites). I cannot stres that enough: I still love The X-Files. But many people leave the show, close down their sites and so it was just like deleting a lot of sites from the ring each month. And there do not pop up new sites anymore (cause the show ended) ... so it was just a question of time the ring would be closed.

But each closing of a website, automatically frees new time for the current sites. All thingx and the official All things fanlisting are the only X-Files sites I own finally. And neither the one nor the other will ever be gone. That is a promise, I'll keep ^^

Posted by shiricki at March 25, 2005 11:59 PM


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