March 15, 2006

All thingx Vers10n

New design. Many flowers and some butterflies. When I did version 9.o it was supposed to be the final version. Or somewhat final. But seems like I cannot stick to decisions :p and that's okay, because it made me create version 10.o which is more artistic after all. And again it was a pain in the butt to redesign and scripture all pages just once again to make everything fit. I did not make it to finish everything. Because I want to avoid an endless hiatus, the site is already back online, however incomplete. Updates will follow. Brushes were used from, if you might wonder. Whose site was this again? ^^

I hope you like the new design. Maybe you would like to sign my bookie. That would be really kind, I appreciate every new comment. Thanks for coming over still.

If you have one more minute, have a look at the all things fanlisting which has been redesigned as well a few days ago. =)

Posted by shiricki at March 15, 2006


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