November 21, 2007

The X-Files Review

Most recently I got asked by M80 to write a review about my favorite show of all time: The X-Files. I loved writing this review. I miss The X-Files very much. I am happy there's a new collection coming out for new fans that do not own all season already. And when The X-Files Movie II appears in cinemas, there might be a few new people wanting to see the entire show. :)

The X-Files - My most favorite show ever in my entire life. How could I live without the X-Files - I absolutely do not know. As every show, of course, this series contains weak and strong episodes but the thing is that I can even draw my fun out of the few weak ones, because I can find just the tiniest thing being hooking in every episode and if it's just the slightest great quote I can find.

The X-Files is not only about two FBI-Agents, Scully & Mulder, solving mystery cases, it's so much more. It contains friendship, love, adventures, fun and humor, secrets, revelations, surprises, shock and terror ... I could not find an end here.

You do not have to follow the show as a hardcore fan to find your pleasure. The wonderful thing about it is that you can also just zap in for an episode and enjoy it without having seen all former episodes at all. That gives me - as a so called die-hard fan - the opportunity and chance to even watch an episode here and there with friends who are not so familiar with the story and they can still enjoy about 45 minutes of great entertainment.

Actually a single episodes is a complete tiny movie that sucks you in, gives you a agitating ride of excitement and spits you out with a great feeling of being entertained perfectly. That is why I love this show so much. Okay, I cannot deny that a very large reason to be such a true fan (and why I got so hooked by The X-Files in first place) is after all Gillian Anderson and still it's not the only reason why I enjoy this show so incredible much.

All nine season are worth to be seen, because there are the mythology episodes that tell a thrilling and imaginative story based on extraterrestrial events. But even if you are not interested in this "alien-stuff" you can find your thrill in the conspiracy theories that are conducted, hidden and revealed. And if this is still not anything for you at all you can focus on the extraordinary realtionship of Scully and Mulder that is the most special relationship that I ever have seen in a TV show because it's so outstanding in their development.

The X-Files can surely teach you about truth and lies, trust and mistrust, love and hate, faithfulness and infidelity, believe and doubt, hope and give-up you'll find more in The X-Files than a simple TV show, you can even find out more about yourself ...

Want to believe?

More information: The X-Files Collector's Edition

Posted by shiricki at November 21, 2007


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